First day of Steering committee meeting

The first day of the Steering committee meeting was held at International Burch University.


The coordinator of the meeting was IBU and project coordinator Nataša Tandir.


The meeting included a general discussion, discussion about the development of the platform. Also, the partners from the University of Novi Sad concluded and summarised WP1.


After that, bilateral meetings between project partners were held.


You can see more information on the project website and Facebook.



Steering committee incoming

Steering committee meeting incoming on 08.-09. of July. Meeting will be held at International Burch University and at Igman mountain.



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Quality Assurance team meeting

The QA Manager of the SUCCESS project, which is coordinated by the International Burch University, met yesterday, 27th of April. The group discussed the relevance of the project indicators´ to measure the impact and the progress of the SUCCESS project.
OBREAL Global as WP leader presented an innovative self-developed tool to monitor project progress which will be piloted within the SUCCESS project.

WP1 Workshop – University Enterprise Cooperations best practices and survey results

Last week was productive with one more meeting for SUCCESS Work Package 1, organized by University of Novi Sad.
The agenda included presentations of models of SUCCESSful practices of University-Enterprise cooperation from Poland, Germany, Spain and Serbia.
Second part of the meeting included Western Balkan Countries (WBC) presenting the results of the surveys they conducted with universities and companies to screen the existing models of relationship.
The outputs of this workshop should lead towards the recommended framework and activities that would be adopted by WBC universities and embedded in their strategy. With overall aim devoted to education of students and increasing their employability together with the professional environment.


Project administration Workshop 

On 14.04.2021 Project Administration Workshop was held. The workshop was done online via Google Meet.
Thanks to all partners and especially to colleagues from International Burch University who were coordinators of the meeting.

WP1 workshop


WP1 workshop was held online by professor Zoran Jeličić from University of Novi Sad.

The main topic of the workshop was survey about University-Enterprise cooperation. The way how to conduct that survey and how to analyze it.

Coordinator of the meeting was University of Novi Sad.

1st Quality Assurance workshop


1st QA workshop was held online by Angel Rafael from OBREAL Global.

This meeting was an opportunity for team members in charge for QA to introduce themself and to discuss importance of QA and to exchange experience about reports and indicators.

Coordinator of the meeting was Obreal Global.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Partners meeting

Meeting with BH partners in the Success project was held on February 12th.
The meeting was held at the International Burch University and was also attended by representatives from Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar, University of East Sarajevo, University of Tuzla and NERDA Developing Agency.
This meeting was an opportunity to present the activities and results so far, but also to make plans for further development of this project. Project leader, prof.dr. Nedim Čelebić informed the partners about the recent meeting of grant providers in Brussels and that all activities so far are going according to plan.


Coordinator of the meeting was Internation Burch University



Kick off meeting of the SUCCESS project was held online on the 20th of December.

Coordinator of the meeting was Internation Burch University