SUCCESS Startup Competition and Demo Day 22-25th of May, at International Burch University

SUCCESS Startup Competition and Demo Day 22-25th of May, at International Burch University


One of the aims of the SUCCESS project is to design and organize a Startup program that will enable students, future entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas into startups.

Coordinating role for this activity was given to University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Germany and International Burch University as a consortium leader in the project.

After several months of preparation of the startup training materials, the “train the trainer” event was organized at Epoka University in Tirana, Albania. All Western Balkan Countries partners from the consortium (8 universities from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) delegated their professors/lecturers to the training, after which they organized education sessions for the chosen students at their respective universities. The training programs on startup development included students from various disciplines like economics, business, mechanical engineering, computer science, tourism…

After successful completion of the training program the best two teams at each university were selected to attend the final SUCCESS Startup Competition and Demo Day that will be held in Sarajevo, from 22nd to 25th of May at International Burch University.

During first two days of this international event, 16 to 20 competing student teams from 8 different universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro will showcase a diverse range of innovative ideas and solutions that could shape the future of the business landscape. They will present their ideas in the so-called SUCCESS Boot Camp in front of panels of mentors from 5 different categories: Problem/Opportunity; Customer/Marketing; Business Model/Finances; Technology; and Operations.

Experts/mentors in these areas will be from Program countries universities and International Burch University (IBU). Their role will be to grade the teams and give them advices and tips so that teams could work on improvements and get back on the second day with the final pitch. 10 student startup teams will be selected to present themselves and their innovative business ideas to potential investors on the Demo Day event on 25th, 2023 at 18:00.

The SUCCESS project and IBU Startup Incubator, are proud to organize this event to support the next generation of innovators. We believe that supporting student startups is crucial to the development of the startup ecosystem and we hope that you will join us in supporting these young entrepreneurs.

We encourage companies, institutions and individuals to apply through the Form provided to reserve their spot at the exciting event of Demo Day.

The event is finished.

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